Hair mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy

What is Hair Mesotherapy? The essential vitamins, keratolytic agents, minerals, amino acids and surface extenders needed by the Hair of the Chicken are given to the hair directly to the hair.

WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF HAIR MESOTHERAPY? : It is a clinical method, with hair being itself or hairy hair being an efficient method that will not compare efficacy compared to other products that are externally applied. That is, if we assume that a product has a unit effect on the scalp hair, then injecting scalp hair with mesotherapy method has a stronger effect of 8 units.

Does mesotherapy result ?: It causes irritation to the area due to the medication and needle made in this operation. This irritation causes blood accumulation, leading to the excretion of previously accumulated blood, which causes drugs that penetrate into the blood to circulate in the form of hairy underrunning. Thus, all the hair follicles are strengthened by being fed strongly and energized from their roots. Hair mesotherapy should be done as often as possible, it should be done at a frequency that the doctor recommends. After this process, small blood vessels begin to form there, which makes it possible for the hair to regain its health by constantly making it "continuous". Briefly summarized, hair mesotherapy is basically meaningful, giving the individual what hair roots need, while also showing that the region is influencing blood vessels' blood holding skills by seriously improving the country.

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